Berkeley Township Area Retirement Communities: The Pros and Cons

What are adult communities?

Adult communities are not very different from any other residential community. The main differences include an age restriction, primarily 55 years of age or older, most are centered around a retirement-friendly, low-maintenance lifestyle.

These communities mainly consist of single-family houses however multi-family homes, condominiums, or townhomes can also be found in some communities. 55 and over communities will often be built near shopping, restaurants, parks, and other attractions. This allows residents to maintain an active lifestyle into their retirement years.

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In nearly all instances the homeowner will only need to maintain the Interior of their home within a 55 and over community. Low-maintenance or maintenance-free exteriors are usually paid for by the resident through their monthly homeowners’ association (HOA) dues. Typically other than the HOA dues (and a mortgage payment, if applicable), there are no other monthly fees required for residents in these communities.

A few things to note is that unlike some other senior living options, 55 and over communities do not have on-site dining options for residents. They also do not provide any type of healthcare services. Often, the HOA dues of these communities do pay for other community amenities. Some examples of these amenities are golf courses and tennis courts, pools, clubhouses, and more.

What are some pros and cons of choosing a 55 and over community?

When looking at the many different senior living options that are available in New Jersey, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of your various needs. While the advantages and disadvantages of any decision are extremely subjective and up to the decision maker here are a few key points you may want to consider when choosing an adult community.


Low or No Maintenance Exteriors:
This may be the top selling point for people who choose a 55 and over community. After years of mowing, raking, snow-blowing and painting, “retiring” from exterior maintenance can be very appealing. Commonly, many residents are downsizing from the home they raised their family in, and the smaller interior of the home to keep clean may be desirable as well.
The Opportunity to Meet and Make Friends With Other Retirees:
In 55 and over communities residents are often around the same age and pretty much in the same place in life. After working hard for many years, raising a family, and now looking to enjoy a relaxed retirement, it can be easy to find people who you may have much in common with and as a result wonderful friendships can be created.
A quiet, usually young-child free environment:
While adult children and grandchildren are always welcome to visit, the 55 and over age restriction for residents of adult communities means that they are usually nice, quiet places to live. Younger visitors are encouraged to be considerate of this standard.
A 55 and over community will provide residents with many opportunities to get exercise, socialize, and stay energized into the golden years. In addition to the previously amenities like pools and fitness centers, community residents will often organize social events, host clubs, volunteer groups, and seek other ways to stay active and involved.


Lack of age diversity:
Since 55 and over communities require at least  one person in the residence be at least 55 years old, there is often a lack of age diversity within the community. Not everyone perceives it to be appealing to live in a community with people who are so similar in age.
Younger family members can’t always take advantage of your real estate investment:
Some people are part-time residents of their 55 and over community homes. (This is extremely common in New Jersey.)  Many residents only live in these homes for a portion of the year generally relocating to warmer climates just for the winter months. If these individuals view their 55 and over community residence as a real estate investment, it is important to consider that family members who are under 55 will not be allowed to use the property without a senior present.
Care services are not included:
55 and over communities do not provide assisted living or healthcare services of any kind as part of the monthly HomeOwners Association dues. There are no on-site healthcare facilities. Arranging for in-home care if needed is an option. Some communities may even have contract agreements in place with third-party homecare service providers which may offer special rates.

This list of pros and cons is not all inclusive. Deciding on a residence of any kind is an extremely personal and objective choice. Retirees will likely have others to add to their personal list. It’s also important to consider that some of these aspects of 55 and over communities are also applicable to other types of retirement communities.

55 and over communities located in New Jersey.
(Berkeley Township, Lacey, Toms River, Manchester and Brick)

Berkeley Township, NJ

  • Holiday City at Berkeley I&II
  • Holiday City Carefree
  • Holiday City South
  • Holiday City West
  • Holiday Heights
  • Silver Ridge Park (East)
  • Silver Ridge Park (North)
  • Silver Ridge Park (West)
  • Silver Ridge Park Westerly Extension
  • Sonata Bay

Lacey, NJ

  • Pheasant Run
  • Sea Breeze at Lacey

Toms River, NJ

  • Dover Walk
  • Gardens of Pleasant Plains
  • Greenbriar Woodlands
  • Holiday City at Silverton Phase I
  • Holiday City at Silverton Phase II
  • Lake Ridge
  • Shenandoah Commons

Manchester, NJ

  • Cedar Glen Homes
  • Cedar Glen Lakes
  • Cedar Glen West
  • Country Walk of Lake Ridge
  • Crestwood Village
  • Leisure Knoll at Manchester
  • Leisure Ridge
  • Leisure Village West
  • The Meadows at Lake Ridge
  • Pine Ridge at Crestwood
  • Renaissance at Manchester
  • The Reserve of Lake Ridge
  • River Pointe
  • Whiting Station at Crestwood
  • Whiting Village (Crestwood Vii)

Brick, NJ

  • Cedar Village
  • Greenbriar
  • Greenbriar II
  • Laurelton Gardens
  • Lions Head North
  • Lions Head South
  • The Pavilion
  • Princeton Commons
  • Seaview Village
  • Wedgewood Place
  • Winding River Village Assoc.