Pinewald Section of Bayville, New Jersey – Home for Sale

Together with the real estate professionals Coldwell Banker Flanagan Realty, I can assist you in your Pinewald home sale or purchase. Please contact me now for more information, if you’re interested in selling or purchasing a home in the Bayville area. My goal is to identify prospective properties consumers may be interested in purchasing. My … Read more

Buying A Home In Retirement

There’s nothing quite like punching the time clock for the last time as you envision your golden years. People frequently start thinking about buying a home in retirement and/or relocating within their first few years of retirement. However, you may overlook a number of frequent pitfalls that could make your real estate purchase a nightmare. … Read more

Things To Consider Before Buying A Waterfront Home

Waterfront real estate is unlike any other kind of real estate. Because you get land and water at the same time, it has a unique beauty and versatility. It is, however, more difficult to purchase than land-locked real estate. There are certain things you should consider before buying a waterfront home. Here are some helpful … Read more

Things To Know Before Buying A Modular Home

You’ve probably heard of modular homes. Future homeowners are redefining what a home is. Builders are adapting quickly to the changing housing market and the rise of new technology like 3D printing. Following I discuss a few key considerations before buying. A MODULAR HOME IS MADE UP OF MODULES They are built in sections in … Read more

How To Determine The Right Size For Your Dream Home?

Have you ever bought a home that was too small, a home that didn’t meet your living and storage needs? Or perhaps you over-purchased a property and ended up wasting time and money maintaining an area you rarely used. You may find yourself wondering why you chose a property that didn’t exactly meet your right … Read more

Shipping Container Home – Things You Should Know

Shipping containers are vital to global trade. Despite their size, they are light enough to be moved by cranes and forklifts. Over time, a problem arose, an excess of used containers. This was the beginning of the shipping container home. Where others saw a problem, innovative architects saw an opportunity. Designers have been repurposing containers … Read more

What Is A Tiny House And Is It A Good Investment?

Investing in real estate requires constant vigilance. If you’ve done your homework, you’ve probably heard of the tiny house trend. Most people refer to it as the “Tiny House Movement,” and it is based on the idea that people should be able to afford their homes. The tiny house movement has evolved from a fun … Read more

Homeowners Associations, What Are (HOAs)

Homeowners associations are non-profit organizations formed to manage, administer, and maintain a neighborhood, building, or other group of households. As a result, membership dues are used to maintain shared spaces and carry out other HOA duties such as rule enforcement, meeting management, and budgeting. The HOA is governed by a volunteer board of directors who … Read more

What To Know Before Buying A Fixer Upper

Simple jobs can quickly become complicated once demolition begins. If prices end up being greater than expected, completing your to-do list may take longer than expected. Consider these factors to see if buying a fixer-upper is good for you. OPTIONS FOR A MORTGAGE ON A FIXER-UPPER Renovation loans are mortgages that allow you to finance … Read more

Things To Know Before Buying a Home With Electric Heat

The efficiency of fossil fuels for energy generation is only about 30-60%. The overall energy efficiency of electric heat varies a lot depending on where you are and what kind of electricity you have. This is because transmission cables lose a lot of energy. RENEWABLE ENERGY Heating using renewable energy like wind, solar, or hydropower … Read more