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The Berkeley Shores Neighborhood Of Bayville, New Jersey

About Berkeley Shores in Bayville, NJ

The Berkeley Shores neighborhood of Bayville has a median real estate price of $417,462, which is more than 51.0 percent of New Jersey neighborhoods and 70.9 percent of all areas in the United States.

According to Neighborhood Scout’s unique analysis, the average rental price in Berkeley Shores is currently $3,839 per month. This neighborhood’s average rental cost is higher than 91.3 percent of New Jersey neighborhoods.

Berkeley Shores is a suburban neighborhood in Bayville, New Jersey (based on population density). This is a coastal community (i.e., is on the ocean, a bay, or inlet).

Berkeley Shores real estate consists mostly of single-family homes and townhomes ranging in size from three to four bedrooms to four, five, or more bedrooms. The majority of the residential real estate is occupied by the owners. Many of the homes in the Berkeley Shores area were built between 1970 and 1999 and are established but not old. Between 1940 and 1969, a number of homes were also constructed.

In Berkeley Shores, vacant apartments and residences are a common occurrence. The current vacancy rate in this area is 26.4 percent. This is higher than the vacancy rate in 91.8 percent of all neighborhoods in the United States. Seasonally occupied housing accounts for a sizable portion of the local housing stock (22.5 percent ). This can happen in vacation regions, as well as in communities predominantly populated by college students, where some apartments may be vacant when school is not in session. If you reside here all year, you may notice that many of the buildings in your area are vacant.


When you first see a community, the appearance of the homes and the environment is often the most crucial factor. Berkeley Shores mostly features midsize homes that are competitively priced. This community dates back to 1960 and has continued to develop over the years.

While some neighborhoods in Bayville may appear to be the same, upon closer inspection they reveal their genuine character due to a distinct mix of occupational or cultural groups. The Berkeley Shores community is quite unusual in a number of ways.

Berkeley Shores is a coastal community with access to the ocean, bay, or inlet. Many of these locations feature amenities that attract residents and visitors to the shoreline for recreational activities or to take in the view. The neighborhood shoreline in certain densely populated regions that are less financially well-off can be relatively industrial and less open to recreation.

Berkeley Shores is a nautical neighborhood in addition to being coastal, meaning it is historic, walkable, highly populated, and located on the Barnegat Bay. This gives the neighborhood a nautical feel, with a touch of seaside and seafaring, which some residents may find appealing.

In addition, the Berkeley Shores community is dominated by owner-occupied homes. According to Neighborhood Scout data, the percentage of residential real estate inhabited by its owner is higher in this community than in 96.4 percent of American neighborhoods.


The Campbell and Richmond families came up with the idea for a homeowners association in 1985. The goal was to make repairs while also protecting and enriching the ecosystem. Members would be committed to the betterment of the community and concerned about the environment. To adopt whatever was best for the community, a non-political stance would be maintained. Initially, the association had 20 members.


The beach was renovated with the addition of township leisure department benches and swim ropes. Curfew signs were placed and the parking lot was enclosed. The organization grew in popularity and became involved in issues such as overdevelopment and environmental issues. A shoaling inlet off Amherst Beach posed a challenge for the neighborhood. The area erupted with cries from worried boat owners as the water depth decreased.

Association Membership

The BSHCA (the Berkeley Shores Homeowners Civic Association) is “a social and civic group, which sponsors a variety of events throughout the year to generate a sense of friendship and neighborliness”. The residents of Berkeley Shores are tight knit members of the community and share many common interests. It is their belief that they live in the most beautiful waterfront community on the East Coast. With the help of the Mayor, Township Council, State Representatives, and the Association’s members, monthly meetings are attended in large numbers.

The Berkeley Shores Homeowners Civic Association has an active Facebook Page that keeps residents updated as to events and important announcements within the community.

The inlet was widened and deepened when a bond was issued. To prohibit the sand from drifting into the water, a 60-foot groin was created. Stockton State College created a maintenance program that included periodic soundings. The inlet was officially opened on Memorial Day 1995, with a boat parade and the blessing of the Berkeley Shores Fleet.

The association restructured after the intake project to maintain its membership numbers. A social program committee was formed on the idea that if we all knew each other’s first names and were friends, we would be able to solve any problem. The treasury increased in size. Members are able to give back to the community with the funds. Food and gift baskets for the holidays are distributed. Our high school grads are given scholarships. The group established a “Clean Streets” initiative and a lagoon cleanup campaign. To warn of new shoaling, “No-Wake” buoys were acquired.

At our inlet, boaters are greeted with a welcome sign. Our bulkheads now have Lagoon street signs. Playground equipment was installed on the shore. The island of Veeder Land was manicured. This area of county property is maintained by the association to welcome guests and advertise upcoming activities. The BSHCA now has approximately 600 members. In the area, we are a block voice. To preserve a high quality of life, we collaborate closely with the Township Officials. We are motivated by a sense of community rather than by political considerations. We all appreciate the beauty of Berkeley Shores together, and we welcome your involvement in our group.

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On the waterfront, MJ’s Restaurant, Bar & Grill is a terrific alternative for folks looking for a meal with a beautiful view of the Barnegat Bay. Atlantic City, NJ, is less than an hour away and offers spa services, casinos, and excellent dining.

There are various businesses along Route 9 in Bayville, NJ. Shoprite is in Bayville, and Walmart and Lidl are close by in Lacey, which is immediately south of Bayville. There are a number of smaller, independently owned convenience stores in Bayville, as well as larger chains like Wawa and Quick Check.

On Berkeley Township’s local Facebook page, a post from 2021 invited individuals to recommend their best pizza place in the area. The following suggestions were among the most popular among the thread’s more than 100 comments: Pies Place, Anchor Inn, Shady Rest, Bon Appetito, Frankies, Lindas, Tony’s, and Schianos were the most popular eateries.

A similar enquiry from 2021 asked for the best Chinese restaurant in Bayville. Among the recommendations were the Great Wall, New Great Wall, Good Taste, Chinatown, Hong Yun, Pan Asia, and Chinese Gourmet. With almost 44 responses, the New Great Wall was clearly the most popular topic in this discussion.

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