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The Holly Park Neighborhood Of Bayville, New Jersey

About Holly Park in Bayville, NJ

Holly Park is a suburban neighborhood in Bayville, NJ. The neighborhood of Holly Park is located east of route 9 and north of Butler Blvd. Two primary roads within Holly Park are Bay Blvd and Holly Blvd. Bay Blvd will take you to MJ’s Bar and Grill.


Berkeley Township School District and Central Regional School District will educate the children of Berkeley Township residents. Berkeley Township School District elementary-aged students will attend one of four elementary schools. Clara B. Worth School, H & M Potter School, Bayville School, and Berkeley Township Elementary School. Central Regional High School is where the children finish their secondary education.


Holly Pare area amenities are as diverse as its residents. As a result, this makes it a great place to live. Island Beach State Park is only a short drive away from those who enjoy surfing and relaxing on the beach. There are numerous parks, playgrounds, and beaches in Bayville. These include Bayville Park, Butler Beach and Playground, Dudley Park, Mallard Park, Forest Hills Soccer Field, and others. Bayville Park is a popular destination for families.

Bayville’s Veteran’s Park is an extraordinary park and property that is shared by the entire community. It is the site of numerous festivals and concerts throughout the year, and it is a popular gathering place for residents. This park has a large number of parking spaces, sports fields, public restrooms, and an Amphitheater for summer concerts, among other amenities. At Cedar Creek, there is a driving range and access to an 18-hole golf course, as well as a skate park, a playground, a picnic pavilion, and a variety of other amenities.


There are only a few major roads that connect the various neighborhoods in Bayville. As a result, there is a local access point to the Garden State Parkway at Exit 77 on the GSP that travels through Bayville. In terms of major highways, Route 9 is the next major one. It travels north and south, dividing the neighborhoods along the water’s edge from those further inland.

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MJ’s Restaurant, Bar & Grill, located on the waterfront, is a great option for homeowners looking for a local dining option. It takes less than an hour to reach Atlantic City, NJ, where visitors can enjoy spa services, gaming, and fine dining experiences.

A large number of businesses are located along Route 9 in Bayville, New Jersey. A few to remember are Shoprite, which is located within Bayville, as well as Walmart and Lidl, which are both conveniently located in Lacey, just south of Bayville, are among the grocery stores to choose from. Additionally, there are a number of smaller privately owned convenience stores in Bayville, in addition to larger national chains such as Wawa and Quick Check.

In a recent post from the year 2021 on the local Berkeley Township Facebook page, residents were asked to recommend their favorite pizza place in the neighborhood. Some of the most popular responses in the thread, which received more than 100 comments, included the following suggestions: Anchor Inn, Shady Rest, Bon Appetito, Frankies, Linda’s and Tony’s were among the establishments that were recommended, with Pies Place being the most prominent.

Similar questions were asked in a similar post from 2021 about the best Chinese food restaurant in Bayville. As a result, The Great Wall, the New Great Wall, Good Taste, Chinatown, Hong Yun, Pan Asia, and Chinese Gourmet were among the suggested destinations. New Great Wall was the clear favorite in this discussion thread, which had over 44 comments.

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