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Selling a house in Toms River, Brick or Bayville New Jersey NJ has never been easier. Properties Jasper Mazzuca will list for sale in the Ocean County New Jersey are include a variety of waterfront properties, single family homes, multi family homes, and condos. 

Jasper Mazzuca, your Ocean County residential real estate agent, distinguishes himself among his peers as being one of the top producers in his brokerage office in recent months. As a sales agent, he understands the Ocean County residential real estate market in order to correctly price your residential listings ensuring that the property attracts the right buyer for a quick sale.

Whether you are interested in selling a house, townhouse or condominium, or a 2 family home for sale in Toms River, Bayville, Brick or beyond, he will find the right buyer for you – the next person or family who will turn your house into their dream home.

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If you are looking to sell your home and want to know where to start, Jasper Mazzuca will help provide you with the best resources. As you are considering your home sale in Toms River, NJ – you can be confident that he will always be motivated to pursue what is in your best interests.

Connecting with an agent like Jasper when selling your home provides you with a personal market expert. Agents can give you the most accurate and up-to-date data concerning the market, prices, financing, and analysis of competing properties.

Have you ever heard “You buy a home, but you sell a house”?

A “house” and a “home” should be thought of differently.  A home is about an experience, feeling and/or an environment. You may have an emotional and sentimental connection to the building or property. Your kids learned to walk there. You shared for first anniversary as husband and wife there. The last time you saw a loved one before they passed away was within those walls. It’s harder to think of a home objectively, through a financial lens. A house, like stock or retail goods, is a commodity.  

The market determines the appropriate listing price of your house.

The price of your house depends on the market for that commodity and is based on the law of supply and demand. The higher the demand that exists for a house in Toms River, the more your house is worth in the 08753 zip code.  Conversely, the more supply of houses for sale in Toms River, the less your house is worth. The housing market over the last year has been overwhelmingly leaning toward a much higher demand than available supply.

You can instantly find out the value of your house in Toms River, Bayville or Brick area using free online tools, but we need to see your house, your neighborhood and your unique situation to determine the most accurate analysis.

Find The Most Accurate Current Value of Your Home

Click here to ask Jasper for a comparative market analysis (CMA) to determine what your house is worth in today’s market so that you can get the best price you possibly can.

Marketing the home you want to list and sell

The decision to sell a home is often dependent on many factors. Whatever your reasons are for selling, Jasper uses proven effective marketing strategies that will ensure you get the highest possible price for your home. Jasper promises to provide you with professional, ethical and confidential service and keep you fully informed every step of the way.

The right combination of pricing and exposure are the key components for a successful marketing strategy when selling a house in Toms River, NJ. All the marketing in the world will be a wasted effort if the listing is priced too high. A home priced too low is scooped up before the need for marketing ever arises.  Marketing a home for sale is a delicate and complimentary balance of appropriate marketing and pricing.

Years ago, home buyers headed to the newspapers and magazines to look for available homes for sale in Toms River, Bayville and Brick, NJ. Real estate agents and brokers who are still relying on print to publicize their house listings are lost in today’s market.

State of the art real estate marketing at the Jersey Shore

Today’s buyers are living on their smart phones. Our listings are published on this mobile friendly and search engine friendly website. It’s designed to showcase your house listing on all devices, including desktop computers, phones and tablets. Buyers use their phones to search the web, use social media, watch videos, text and check their emails.

Jasper Mazzuca is in a position to be incredibly effective at selling houses in Toms River, NJ. He’s passionate about keeping up with the latest science of multi-channel internet marketing and makes it his business to know who your target buyer is.

The goal of effective marketing is to reach the people who are most likely to buy your listing and to get it in front of those individuals through the medium they are most likely to use.  Over 90% of homebuyers use the web to search for a home they want to buy according to recent real estate studies. They also conclude that over 80% of all homebuyers use a real estate agent to purchase their home.

Toms River, NJ, Bayville, and Brick, New Jersey NJ Real Estate Listing Info

Your Ocean County New Jersey real estate listing will be posted in the MLS. This allows home buyers the ability to search available properties in Toms River, Bayville, Brick, NJ and beyond. Realtors and brokers can search for listings in the extensive MSL database, view pictures and directly contact real estate agents and brokers locally which gives home buyers and home sellers who use agents with access to MLS an upper hand on selling property in the state of NJ.

Leveraging Internet Marketing for Your Property Listing in Toms River, NJ

Jasper Mazzuca can sell your home in Toms River, Bayville, Brick, throughout, Ocean County, New Jersey or in any of the 62 counties in the state of New Jersey.

Searching for listings on the internet is more popular than ever in this market. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is important to consider when crafting listings so that Google, the most popular search engine, takes notice of the property and ranks the listing high in search results. Jasper and his team have industry knowledge of internet marketing strategies that will put your listing ahead of your competitors in local search results.

Without getting too technical, the factors that must be included go beyond what people searching for homes will see when they view the listing. The website must include special code called “schema” that indicate to Google that the page belongs in real estate search results. Alt tags and title tags embedded behind images and links help integrate important keywords and phrases onto the page. Jasper makes sure to include all the features of the properties listed and ensures they are more descriptive than most other MLS (Multiple Listing Services) listings to signal to Google that your listing is relevant to the searches being performed.

About Jasper Mazzuca’s Residential Real Estate Services 

When it comes to residential Real Estate at the Jersey Shore, no one does it better than Jasper and the team at Coldwell Banker Flanagan Realty.  

He is an active member of the Berkeley Township, Toms River and Brick communities which means that he has access to information about which houses will be offered for sale at the moment they become available.  Having a broad network helps him to find serious buyers more quickly and having access to a wide variety of available inventory means that he can more easily determine an appropriate price for your home based on what is available on the market at that precise moment.

List your home for sale with Jasper Mazzuca at Coldwell Banker Flanagan Realty.

Contact Jasper today. If you are looking to purchase a home, Jasper will be your realtor for both aspects of your transaction. He can send you up to date, available listings based on the kind of property you are searching for and set up alerts for when new ones appear on the market.

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