Tips For Keeping A Show Ready Home

Your home is now posted in the local MLS (Multiple Listing Service), and the first showing time has been planned. You’re working with the correct real estate expert to sell your property. So, what’s next? Do you have a show ready home?

Many sellers that I work with do not realize that a little effort and time spent preparing for a scheduled showing can make a significant difference in the sale of a home. Not only may proper preparation shorten the time it takes to sell a home, but it can also result in more money in the seller’s pocket!

So, where should you begin? Never be afraid to seek guidance from your real estate agent. They should be aware of the issues that purchasers in your area are concerned about. Starting from the outside and simulating a potential buyer’s walkthrough is a good idea. Keep in mind that a buyer’s first impression is crucial. Generally speaking, following these tips to a show ready home will help your home sell faster and for more money!


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The outside and curb appeal of a home are the first impressions that a buyer will have of it. Ensure that the lawn is freshly cut, leaves are raked, and the driveway is shoveled, depending on the season. A buyer who has to walk through two feet of snow to get to the front door will not be pleased! Make sure the yard tools and toys are put away even if it isn’t winter. If you have pets, please clean up after them in addition to the tools and toys.


Clutter is one of the first things a potential buyer notices. Stairs, entryways, and closets are among areas that acquire clutter and should be checked. Ensure that the stairwell is clear and that all shoes, coats, caps, and mail are hidden.


The kitchen is traditionally the most valuable aspect of a home. It is critical to ensure that the kitchen is ready for a showing. Take a peek around the kitchen and see if the countertops are free and clear. Ensure that the granite or quartz counters are not only free of obstructions but also clean enough to eat on.

Is it possible to open the refrigerator door? Some purchasers have a hard time seeing past their personal items. It’s ok to brag about your child’s A+ on their spelling test, but not when your house is for sale. On the outside of the refrigerator, there should be almost no decoration. Is the kitchen floor in good condition? It is also critical to ensure that it is clean. When they step onto a location where something was spilled previously, a possible buyer will not be impressed.


Bathrooms are frequently the second most valuable selling element of a home. Many of the same considerations that were made in the kitchen should also be made in the bathroom. Is the vanity top free of clutter and clean? Is the floor in good condition? The bath or shower is another location to inspect before a showing.

Is this tub or shower in good condition? The majority of potential purchasers will inspect the tub and/or shower, and a filthy tub or shower is not appealing. Examine the linen closet as well. Make sure the linen closet and its contents are well-organized. Remove a couple of new bath towels from the linen cupboard and make sure they are neatly hung. A clean bathroom may make a big impression on a potential buyer.


A buyer’s bedroom can be a deal breaker. If a home’s bedrooms are on the smaller side, it’s vital that a buyer sees that they’re functional and that they can easily accommodate a buyer’s possessions in the space. Before a showing, there are a few things to look at. Are the beds made and decorated with a nice throw or some attractive pillows?

A cluttered and unmade bed makes a bad first impression on a potential buyer. Have you put all of your personal belongings and valuables in a secure location? While it is unusual for personal items to go missing after a showing, it does happen. Ensure that any personal items and valuables are stowed safely or removed during the showing. Is everything in the closet in order? The closets in the bedroom will nearly always be opened by a potential buyer. They’re curious about how much storage space they’ll have for their things. A disorganized and cluttered closet will detract from the closet’s genuine size!


All flooring throughout a home should be evaluated before a showing, as noted above with the kitchen and bathroom flooring. Are there any carpeted rooms, and if so, are they vacuumed and stain-free? If the carpets are substantially damaged or extremely discolored, a great real estate professional should propose getting them replaced or cleaned before marketing a home. Replacing and/or cleaning damaged/dirty carpet is a quick, straightforward, and inexpensive house selling advice that should not be overlooked.


Drapes and blinds are sometimes overlooked when it comes to basic cleaning and upkeep. Make sure the blinds and drapes are not only clean, but also functional. A buyer is frequently worried about the condition of the windows in a possible house and may inspect them, so make sure they are clean and dazzling! Finally, if the weather permits, crack a window to let some beautiful fresh air into the house.


This is true for any home, regardless of location. Make sure your home’s temperature is comfortable depending on the season. Set the thermostat to 70-74 degrees while it’s hot outside. When a buyer walks into your home, you want them to feel immediately relieved from the heat. Set the thermostat to 72-76 degrees while it’s freezing outside. You want the customer to feel like they’re walking into a warm and inviting house.


A bad odor in a house could be the biggest turn-off for a buyer. It can be quite advantageous to remove odors prior to listing a home, much as it is important to replace or clean carpet before listing a home. An overwhelmed buyer who walks into a home with an unpleasant odor is likely to turn around and leave. Check for scents, whether they come from pets, smoking, cooking, or something else. It’s often a good idea to get a second view from someone who doesn’t live in the house. Within their own houses, homeowners frequently become immune to scents.


To begin, crack or open the blinds and turn on all of the lights in the house. A potential buyer may be put off by a dark room. If you have time before the showing, make a new pot of coffee or bake a batch of cookies so that the aroma fills the house. Boiling cinnamon sticks can also give off a pleasant aroma! Tune in to a classical or jazz music channel on the radio or television.

Preparing to show your home may make a big difference in whether a house sells or not, as well as how long it takes. It can also have an impact on the selling price of a home. The preceding suggestions for preparing a home for showings should not be overlooked. Again, get advice from a real estate agent on how to prepare a home for showings.

Summary: Tips For Keeping A Show Ready Home

Many sellers that I work with do not realize that a little effort and time spent preparing for a scheduled showing can make a significant difference in the sale of a home. Not only may proper preparation shorten the time it takes to sell a home, but it can also result in more money in the seller’s pocket!

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