How To Adjust Soft Close Cabinet Doors And Drawers

Knowing what soft closing cabinet drawers are and how they work will help you figure out how to fix them when they break. Soft-closing drawers, also known as automatic or self-closing drawers, silently retract back into the cabinet with just a nudge. In this post I explain how to adjust soft close cabinet doors and … Read more

Steps To Clean Gutters

Any part of the house above the ceiling or in the basement is usually neglected. However, the roof gutter, in particular, receives as much or more damage from the elements than windows, walls, and other accessible parts of the house. As a result, we only maintain or replace our roof gutter when it is beyond … Read more

How To Handle A Burst Pipe In Your Home

The prospect of returning home to burst pipes and a water leak is enough to make any homeowner scared. However, for many, it is an awful reality. Do you know what to do if a pipe in your house bursts? I discuss some critical, time-sensitive first steps. Learn how to spot the indicators of a … Read more

What Does A Tripped Breaker Mean?

The breaker box (also known as a fuse box, service panel, or main electrical panel) is the brains of your home. Circuits connected to the electrical panel provide the electricity that powers the products and gadgets you use on a daily basis. If you’re like most homeowners, you probably don’t think about your electrical panel … Read more

DIY Repairs Homeowners Should Know

When it comes to home repairs and the people who conduct them, it’s easy to notice how two distinct groups of people separate themselves and approach the repairs with very different attitudes. Some people feel they are born for DIY repairs who can solve any domestic issues. Others, on the other hand, don’t care if … Read more

Roof Damaging Pests You Should Know

Your roof shields your family from the elements and other threats that lurk outside. Roof damage is typically associated with leaks produced by severe rains or debris colliding with the roof as a result of high-speed winds. Your roof, on the other hand, is vulnerable to damage, particularly from various roof damaging pests. Here are … Read more

Common Electrical Issues

Electricity is more than a comfort in a home; it’s a need. When a homeowner is faced with electrical problems, they are confronted with a complicated network of cables, potentially dangerous charges, and the fear of being left in the dark (literally). With wires running throughout the property and even variable electrical performance, diagnosing common … Read more

Common Plumbing Issues

The average household leak wastes 9,400 gallons of water each year, according to estimates. Common plumbing issues that go unchecked can be quite costly and might come back to bother you when you most need water. It’s a pain to turn on the shower and never get hot water. The trouble with common plumbing issues … Read more

How To Make A Claim On Your Home Insurance

Most home insurance policies cover four types of risks: It also covers any additional constructions like a garage and built-in appliances like a water heater. Personal property insurance covers clothing, electronics, and kitchenware. Liability insurance protects you if someone gets hurt on your property, such a dog bite. ALE insurance pays temporary housing fees if … Read more