What to Know BEFORE Renting Out Your Spare Bedroom

Many cities throughout the world have exorbitant housing costs. However, some of them, such as Hong Kong, compensate for this by offering low-cost lifestyle options such as food and transportation. The Bay Area, on the other hand, does not appear to be following this pattern, with housing costs exceeding those of other areas such as … Read more

First Time Home Buyer Tips

In such a competitive market, if you aren’t preapproved for a mortgage, you risk losing a home. You could also be blind to your own financial circumstances. Don’t find yourself behind the eight ball if a home you admire is on the market. You might also look at residences that are out of your price … Read more

Common Real Estate Terms Explained

understanding common real estate terms

If you’re thinking about purchasing a new house or selling your current one, you may have come across some language you’re unfamiliar with. Having a basic awareness of a few key real estate phrases can make it easier to choose a broker or agent. It can also provide you peace of mind and confidence in … Read more